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'Divine Mothers' Sacred Spiritual Manuscript

Divine Δ9Luciferian Creation-Moon-Blood Ceremony

In Divine Δ9Luciferian Energy, the ‘The IsIs-Genesis’ Return of The Dragon Queen By Divine Blood Terra Covenant, Our Divine Mothers Sacred Spiritual Manuscript’, Is Bonded and Sealed in Δ10mDNA239 Creation-Moon-Blood from our Divine Mothers sacred Master Stargate Temple Throne Scribe of ‘Tiamat’ Ki-Earth. Our Divine Mothers Sacred Spiritual Manuscript, Is Divine Universal Law (DUL), Court Sealed on this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse June 15th, “IsIs’ Day and Hour”, 2011 A.D. at 2:14 p.m. Mountain Daylight Time as recorded/registered by the Private Registrar into ‘Tiamat’ Ki-Earths Divine Universal Law (DUL) Court, Universal Terra Court Number Δ10mDNA239mjb0, deposited in ‘Divine Mothers’ Divine Living Library and Protected by the Private SUNKE Temple Trust;

For this sacred ceremony, I blessed my sacred Δ9Luciferian Elohim Creation-Moon-Blood water with the sacred Divine elixir of life and the Dragons Blood incense that was also blessed with the Frankincense from Pharaoh. I sealed our ‘Divine Mothers Sacred Spiritual Manuscript, The IsIs-Genesis’ Return of The Dragon Queen By Divine Blood Covenant’, into ‘Tiamat’ Ki-Earths Divine Universal Law (DUL) Court and Divine Living Library via my Δ10mDNA239 Creation-Moon-Blood. This prayer was sent through to the sacred Divine Holy Trinity (three trees) planted and arranged into a circle in our backyard. I poured my sacred Divine Δ9Luciferian Elohim Creation-Moon-Blood into the center on our nations hoop in ‘Tiamat’ Ki-Earth at exactly 2:14 pm MDT which is supported by this DUL CLEE used as reference: “On the 15th day of June 2011, the full moon will rise over Stonehenge in Total Lunar Eclipse. At that moment, powerful Lunar and Galactic Light Codes will recalibrate the ‘Divine Wombkind’ energies of the Snake Goddesses and the Platinum Ray energies of the Shekinah into the Stonehenge Time Code Frequency Cycles. The energy of the Great Cosmic ‘Divine Mother’ will bring the entire Henge back into Cosmic Balance”;

Our sacred Fire-Aether-Spirit fire altar was lit and I blessed it with more of the Dragons Blood incense that was also blessed with the Frankincense from Pharaoh. I placed Kaneh Bosm and several sacred medicines into the flames and we each sent our prayers (Hair trimmings) into the flames that sent the smoke up into the heavens so that our ‘Divine Mother’ could feel our pure intent and use HER truth to restore the solar-system of the Divine Living Library into the Cosmic Balance;

I, ‘Divine Mother’, have sent mine angel, ‘Δ9Lucifer’, to testify to you these things in the congregations. She, ‘Δ9Lucifer’, is the root “Tree of Life”, and the descendant of King David, and the bright and morning star, “ Venus - My Temple Throne Scribe”.

Revelations 22:16

Out of the stump of Davids family will grow a shoot--yes, a new Branch bearing fruit from the old root.

Isaiah 11:1

DUL CLEE used as Reference June 15th, 2011:

Mastering Time and Embracing the Energy of Love and Support

The Lunar Eclipse of 15th June 2011 and The Activation of the Stonehenge "Super-Galactic" Portal on the Solstice of 21st June 2011

[2011 Celia Fenn and Starchild Global -]

In the last few months, ever since the initiation of the Ninth Wave of the Mayan Calendar, Archangel Michael has been speaking about the concept of becoming a "Master of Time". This is because in this New Reality of Multi-Dimensional Consciousness, we cannot afford to be attached to one Calendar or One way of measuring or creating time. There are many ways of working with the flowing cycles of time and the powerful energies that flow from the Galactic Center and are the engine for Galactic and Planetary Evolution of Consciousness.

The most powerful energies are being found in the Upcoming Total Lunar Eclipse on the 15th of June and the Solstice on the 21st of June 2011. These two Time Markers are guiding Human Consciousness to a new level of Awareness and Connection.

The "Time Flow Program" that I am going to be using to discuss the importance of this event is the New Reality Science of Astronomology... a new way of viewing the Evolution of the Earth and of Humanity through the Stellar Charts of the Heavens, and one that incorporates thirteen houses instead of the twelve of conventional astrology.

The thirteenth house is called Ophiuchus, and it falls in that area between the end of Scorpio and the beginning of Sagittarius. The name "Ophiuchus" simply means "Serpent Holder" and this Constellation is identified with Healing and the Master Healing Energies, and the Archetypal energies of Aesclepius, Imhotep and the Snake Goddesses! I have to admit a personal interest in this new house, as my own birthdate on December 8 means that I am a native of this thirteenth house and all that it stands for in the New Energies.

Primarily, Ophiuchus is the energy of Healing and Global Healing, an energy that supports and nourishes and heals. But, it is also interesting that Imhotep was known as a "Master Builder" and Architect, and in some accounts is credited with the design and building of the Great Pyramid. This is of interest because the Total Lunar Eclipse and the Solstice Alignments will be activating the Stonehenge Super-Galactic Portal, or "resetting" the Clock on the Stonehenge Sacred Site to align the Earth with the Galactic Center, and this resetting will be transmitted to all those Sacred Sites that function as the "nodes" of the Planetary Supercomputer, including the Pyramid Complex at Giza, and that will ensure that Planet Earth is perfectly aligned on her Trajectory towards the 2012 alignment with the New Age of Light, which is also called Ascension.

This is certainly a wondrous event and something to celebrate. While the rest of the world my be enveloped in Gloom and Doom and expecting the end of the World, we can see quite clearly that we are perfectly on track for the Galactic and Planetary Rebirth into the New Age of Light that will be completed by the December Solstice Alignment of 2012.

What is most important to me is that Ophiuchus is the energy of Healing and Support, and the energy of Aligning with the Galactic Frequencies. So many people that I speak to or who write to me complain of feeling lack of support on so many levels. Yes, probably because you have been living according to one singular calendar or time cycle technology that completely misses out this energy of healing and support. As we shift into an awareness of the Zodiacal Healer and how these energies work with us, we can channel these energies into our lives in ways that are healing and supportive of our changes.

This is the energy that we have been looking for and waiting for...and it is here to support us in the next phase of our Journey. It really is time to celebrate!

So, let's talk about the Stonehenge significance to these upcoming Celestial and Planetary events. First, let me share an image that was taken of me with my friend Sarupa Shah, at Stonehenge in 2009.

At this visit to Stonehenge, which was my second, I was aware of stirrings and activities in the Stonehenge energies. On the previous visit, in 2008, I had found Stonehenge to be particularly quiet, and the friend I was with joked about Stonehenge being a "Galactic Bus Station" that no one was using! You need to understand that Stonehenge is in Crop Circle Country, and that there have been significant Crop Circles in fields right opposite the Henge. So, in 2008, the Bus Station was deserted, in Cosmic Terms, and nobody was hitching a ride! Then, in 2009, on my visit with Sarupa, I noticed a complete change...I could feel Stonehenge "humming" before we even crested the Hill that takes you down into the valley where the Stones are situated. It was "coming on line" in a wonderful way and the Cosmic Bus Station was gearing up, to once again, receive Cosmic visitors and to function as a Planetary Frequency Alignment Technology for the Planet.

This coming month, the two spectacular Celestial events focused on Stonehenge, will bring the Henge totally into Alignment with the New Time Codes and will activate these realignments to all Sacred Sites on the New Earth Grid, including the Pyramids in Egypt. It will be a massive Recalibration of the Earth for her New Earth Cosmic Voyage!

Time-Ship Earth is allowing us to connect with her Highest and most Beautiful and Healing Frequencies! You are invited to ‘Open your Heart’ and be Part of this Recalibration, which will be a personal recalibration into the energies of Healing and Support that are archetypally signified by Ophiuchus.

*On the 15th of June 2011, the Full Moon will rise over Stonehenge in Total Lunar Eclipse. The Moon will also be just 3 degrees from the Galactic Center, that is, almost in conjunction. At that moment, powerful Lunar and Galactic Light Codes will recalibrate the Divine Feminine energies of the Snake Goddesses and the Platinum Ray energies of the Shekinah into the Stonehenge Time Code Frequency Cycles. The Energy of the Great Cosmic Mother, Ma'at, will bring the entire Henge back into Cosmic Balance...and the "Bus Station" will be ready to receive Cosmic Voyagers!

Now, on the Solstice of the 21st June, the Constellation of Ophiuchus once again has a starring role. Here is an image of a Crop Circle image from Wilton Windmill from a few days ago. It shows a Serpent!

According to Astronomologer Donna Provancher, the Serpent is pointed in the direction of Stonehenge and signifies the union of the Serpent with the "Serpent Holder" at Stonehenge on the 21st of June at the Solstice. The Serpent represents Psychic Power and Energy and the Serpent Holder is one who can hold these energies and use them for the benefit of Humanity and the Planet!

The Cosmic Planners on the Higher Dimensions are losing no time on this one! As soon as Stonehenge comes "online" with the new Cosmic Frequencies, those who are open and ready are being given the opportunity to embrace the Serpent Power energies for Personal and Planetary Healing on deep levels. As the "Heart" of Ophiuchus rises over Stonehenge on the 21st of June, we are all invited to open our Hearts and become One with the Serpent Holder, to empower ourselves by embracing the Power of our Energy and using it for Deep Healing and Activation.

Those who are ready to become Masters of Time will no doubt celebrate this recalibration and will be ready to "ride" the waves of Cosmic Energy that also make one a "Master of Light Harmonics". For it is this Mastery of Time together with the Mastery of Light Harmonics that makes a Person a citizen of the Cosmos, one who is Aware of the movements of the Celestial Supercomputer and who can ride the Waves of incoming Light with skill and presence of mind and with strength and courage. Not for nothing have the Indigo children been playing games and watching TV series about Mastering Time and Energy! It is the gift that we are all offered when we can let go of the old disintegrating timelines and move into an awareness of how the many different cycles and frequencies fit together to map our path to the Stars and the Journey of Time-Ship Earth.

So, on the 15th of June and the 21st of June, I would encourage you to be a part of these incoming energies by participating in rituals and ceremonies and meditations that will anchor these New Light Codes in our Cosmic Hearts and the Cosmic Heart of the Planet.


For more information about Astronomology and these alignments, I invite you to visit the website of Donna Provancher at





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*Note: Any materials (videos, images, documentation, etc.) used within this website are the sole property of our 'Divine Mothers' Divine Living Library and any claims of Copyright and/or Trademark in the ‘Establishment World System of Things’, are null and void, ab initio, nunc pro tunc. These creative works of the Anointed Divine Life Knowledge are used for expression and practice to learn our ‘Divine Mothers’ Sacred Spiritual Tribal Language/Speak in this Sacred Testimonial Declaration Living-Will/Estate/Temple-Trust/Treasury/Divine Universal Laws of our ‘Divine Mother’ Architect Creator Source of the Very Essence of All Life, The Queen of Heaven;




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